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Lighter Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, there have been a lot of questions posed to us about lighter repairs since 1957. We figured it was high time to share some of them. In no particular order, here you go…

Can you fix my lighter?

See our list of commonly repairable lighters here.

Why Can’t You Fix My Lighter?

See our brief article regarding why we cannot repair some types of lighters, here.

Where do I send my lighter to get it to you?

Read the “Send Us Your Lighter For Repair” page.

What’s my lighter worth?

While there are some average prices for different lighters sold new, it’s much more difficult to determine value on a used lighter. Style, model, finish and design all contribute. Then you have the condition of the lighter to consider. Are there dents and scratches? Plating wear? Rust? All factors contribute. In our experience, 99.9% of the value of a lighter comes in how sentimental the piece is to you. Spending over $100 to repair a lighter you picked up at a flea market for $10.00 may or may not be worth it to you. Spending over $100 to repair Grandma’s old lighter that she left to you can be priceless.

Can you re-plate, refinish, re-lacquer or otherwise make my busted up lighter look new again?

Unfortunately not. There is nothing we can do to change the finish of your lighter. Dents, scratches, plating wear, chips or missing lacquer – consider it all part of the charm of your lighter.

How fast can I get my lighter back from repair?

Lighter repairs generally take 3-4 weeks from the date of payment. Why? Because we repair lighters from all over the world. Sometimes it goes a little faster.

If I don’t see my lighter listed on commonly repairable lighters, then is there a chance you can still fix it?

If the lighter is a petrol lighter (uses lighter fluid and NOT butane gas) then there is a chance we can still repair it. Send an email with pictures of your lighter and a brief description of what it is and what’s wrong with it to:

Can I pay you more money to push my lighter to the head of the repair line?


How long is the guarantee period for my repaired lighter?

All S.T. Dupont and Alfred Dunhill repair warrantee’s are 1-year. All other lighters are 90-days.

Why can’t you call me with my repair estimate?

Nobody picks up their phones these days. It takes too much time to make the call, leave a message (when your voicemail box is not full) hope for a call-back, on and on… We email estimates or if you do not have an email will send it regular mail.

Can you take parts out of one lighter to use them to repair another, similar, lighter?

No. We just don’t do work like that. If we do not have new, unused parts to repair a particular lighter, we simply don’t take on the job. And yes, even unused parts that we have in our inventory that may be forty years old are still considered “new” parts for us.

Can you put the “PING” back into my S.T. Dupont lighter?

Sorry. The “ping” sound made when popping open the cap of certain S.T. Dupont lighters is an accident based on fine craftsmanship. Since these lighters are hand made to such high tolerances, this “ping” sound has come to have meaning to some buyers. Unfortunately, the Dupont company has also started mentioning this sound in some of their advertising and product descriptions. The problem is the fact that not all of them will “ping”. Some come straight from the factory with a dull or absent sound. There is simply nothing that can be done about it. Even more unfortunate is that through normal use of the lighter and wear and tear on the hinge, the sound will eventually disappear. Our advice? Use the lighter for what it was designed for–a high quality accessory of superb craftsmanship. Something for the distinctive smoker that looks and works the way it should in making fire. The “sound” your lighter makes is inconsequential.

Whats the difference between a cigarette flame, a cigar flame and a pipe flame?

See our post on the various types of lighter flame styles here.

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  1. Would you tell me the maximum cost for a complete refurbishment of a Rollagas?
    Thank you,

    1. $120 for a general overhaul barring any outstanding circumstances with the lighter. That includes replacement of all o-rings, inlet valve, burner valve, full cleaning and polish and a 1 year repair warranty.

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