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It’s All In The O-Ring

Your lighter has stopped working. It was working six years ago when you put it in that drawer, but now it’s not. Well, it happens right? You’ve heard all about how o-ring dry out, get cracked or corroded, decay with the normal passage of time. Simple solution–just go on eBay or Etsy and buy yourself a little “o-ring kit” that’s all the rage now. Watch a few online videos made by gentlemen who barely speak the English language and presto… lighter is good as new. After all, it’s all in the o-ring.

Or… at least that’s how it was supposed to happen

More times than not, the reality is that you have damaged your lighter even worse than before trying to replace o-rings. Most high-end cigarette, cigar and pipe lighters require specialized tools and replacement parts in order to rebuild valves. Often times you can break the delicate valve systems by the simple act of even taking the lighter apart.

That was not mentioned in the o-ring video

Very rarely does the easy way out actually work. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the aggravation. The parts that you need are not for sale. The books that are out there on the subject of lighter repair are for historic appreciation. In all our years of doing this (since 1957) it has been many times that a customer has presented us with a smoldering pile of lighter parts because the “DIY” drive got the best of them.


But all is not lost! Your high-end S.T. Dupont or Alfred Dunhill lighter, your IM Corona and Elie Bleu lighters can still be saved! Save yourself the aggravation first and send your lighter in for repair. Your lighter is not one of these listed above, you say? Check out our list of lighters that we can and cannot repair.

When it comes to your valued maker-of-fire that you spent a kajillion dollars on… or even one that cost just a few bucks but you love it dearly… trust us and believe when we tell you that its more than just the o-rings. We will take great care of your lighter, saving you the wasted time and money trying to do it yourself. It’s okay… we believe that you are handy. Go fix that squeaky cabinet door and leave the lighters to us.

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