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Lighting Cigars, Pipes & Cigarettes-When Fire Isn’t Always Just Fire

If you are an owner of one of the high-end S.T. Dupont or Alfred Dunhill lighters or are thinking of purchasing one, there is an option which you should be aware of. Dunhill Rollagas and Unique style lighters, as well as S.T. Dupont Line 2 lighters can all have burners with the options for cigarette, cigar or pipe smoking. What’s the difference, you ask? Isn’t fire always fire? Well… actually no. When it comes to lighting cigars, pipes and cigarettes–fire isn’t always just fire.

Cigarette Burners

Cigarette burner

Cigarette burners are designed with a thin, “single flame”. These burn straight up out of the burner valve of the lighter. It’s the basic type of everyman type of flame that can be found on every flame-making device. From wooden or paper matches to the venerable Bic-type disposable lighter, that’s a cigarette burner. Shown in the picture above from a Dunhill Rollagas lighter.

Cigar Burners

Cigar Burners are designed to produce a slightly wider and ever-so-slightly angled flame that better ignites the tip of a cigar evenly. It does not take much practice to master where the widest portion of the flame is produced. Care should be taken to not touch the lighter burner to the tobacco. Doing so will result in the “gunk” that a lot of cigar lighters develop under the cap. This can lead to the need for repair over time. The cigar burner in the photo above is from an S.T. Dupont lighter.

Pipe Burners

Pipe burners are an ingenious invention (first commercially available in the vintage Beatte-Jet lighter) that produces the single-wide flame, just like a cigarette burner. This flame ignites at a 90-degree angle to better facilitate igniting the tobacco by tipping the lighter into the bowl of the pipe. As with the cigar burner, care should be taken to not allow the lighter to come in contact with the tobacco. *Note – Pipe burners are no longer being produced by the Alfred Dunhill company. The stock we have is all that we will ever have and once they’re gone…they’re gone. This is not a problem with the S.T. Dupont line 2 lighters, as they are still in production.

And there you have it. The three types of burners available when you purchase any Dunhill Rollagas lighter, Unique lighter or S.T. Dupont Line 2 lighter. Can you light any type of tobacco product with any type of burner? Of course, you can. It IS fire, after all, but for such an expensive smoking accessory, why not have it customized to what you predominantly want to use it for?

The replacement of the burner in your new lighter is your choice when ordering the lighter from us. For a used lighter, the replacement or change of the burner can be done as part of a general overhaul and cleaning of your lighter at no additional charge.

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