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Shelter In Place” orders are in place from the NC Governor’s office. This will impact repairs but not orders from our online store. At this time, please do not ship any repairs to us until we give the go-ahead on this page. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we would prefer to NOT have your package sitting at the post office or returned as undeliverable from UPS or FedEx.

You may place online orders with our store and they will ship normally.

We have reduced our phone contact days to Monday through Thursday, 9am – 4pm, EST due to the Shelter In Place order.

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Shelter-In-Place and Your Lighter Repairs

With the shelter in place orders in effect here in North Carolina, we want to give you all an update and answer some additional questions that have been coming in day to day.

We are asking that you please hold off on sending your lighter repairs to us at this time. Once the SIP orders have been lifted, we will alert you on our homepage that we are once again accepting new repairs. For those of you who had already sent lighters off to us for repair and paid the invoice in full BEFORE the SIP order took effect, your repairs have either shipped or are being shipped back to you next week (the week of 4/5/20).

Those of you who paid your invoices AFTER the SIP order, those repairs are being held until the order has been lifted and normal business can resume once again. Once this occurs, you can expect a 4-6 week turnaround time for your lighter to ship back to you.

If you are looking to place an order on the website for any of the lighters or accessories that we have for sale, those orders are shipping out day to day with no delays. Please keep in mind that the USPS, UPS and FedEx are all facing delays, so your shipment may take a day or two longer than expected to arrive to your delivery address.