Dunhill Sidecar Leather Pouch


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Dunhill Rollagas “Classic” Leather lighter case.

You have purchased one of the finest lighters in the world, now you need to care for it!
The Dunhill classic case is based on a minimalistic design, clearly showing the Dunhill Brand on a highly polished plaque. The leather has been carefully buffed for the smoothest possible finish.

Leather pouches protect your lighter from the elements, prevent dust contamination and the general hazards of day to day use. As you would expect Dunhill lighter pouches aren’t your standard lighter cases. Dunhills lighter pouches are made from the finest full hide leather and are all felt lined to protect the finish on your Rollagas. There are no catches to risk damaging your lighter. And closing it is a pleasure in itself with a built in, high strength hidden magnet. As soon as the lid comes close to the closed position the magnet takes over and pulls it smoothly closed and holds it firmly in place until its ready to be used again.


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