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2022 OTLS Lighter Convention

Did you know that there were lighter conventions?

If you’re into vintage lighters, then this is the one you should know about. The venerable lighter collecting club; On The Lighter Side (usually referred to as “OTLS”) is holding their 2022 convention at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino on June 2nd through June 5th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The yearly convention was cancelled for the past three years due to COVID fears and restrictions, but 2022 is a go for lighter collectors.

What can I expect to see there?

A niche collecting club like this is not going to generate a 20,000+ foot traffic experience. Rather, a much more intimate room of twenty to thirty tables of various vintage lighters for sale or trade. One might also expect discussions and displays of lighters and special collections and a Saturday evening auction.

They have reserved a limited number of spots which includes an exhibit table for non-members so they can experience a two day weekend of buying, selling, trading and displaying lighters.  Best of all, there will be no registration costs and this event includes a Thursday hospitality gathering and a Saturday banquet for one person.  Normal registration cost would be $150.  

If you are interested in attending or in becoming a club member, more information can be found on the OTLS website.

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Replacing A Flint In Your Lighter

A flint is a simple, little piece of special stone that makes a spark when struck or rubbed with an abrasive, hard substance like metal, rock or another piece of flint. Shaped into a small cylinder that fits into the flint tube of your lighter, the flint generates the spark that ignites the stream of butane gas or lighter fluid-soaked wick. The action of moving your thumb across the striker wheel or depressing a thumbpiece (older lighters) causes a “flint wheel” or “spark wheel” (used interchangeably) to rub its little metal cuts against the flint to generate heat and the spark. Each strike rubs away a tiny piece of the flint, which is why after a few hundred strikes, the flint needs to be replaced.

So how do you replace a flint? Here are some very short videos on how to do so on the most common flint-striker lighters available today.

The first is the Alfred Dunhill Unique lighter and the flint is replaced the same way for the similar IM Corona lighters.

Alfred Dunhill Unique Lighter & similar style IM Corona

The next video is the Alfred Dunhill Rollagas style of lighter.

Alfred Dunhill Rollagas

The final video is for the S.T. Dupont Line 2 lighter, which is very similar to most S.T. Dupont lighters that use flint ignition.

And there you have it. Three short videos for replacing a flint in the most common styles of lighters that use flint ignitions. Many of the “jet flame” lighters that are popular today are ignited by an electric sparking unit and do not use flints, but the old tried and true reliability of the flint ignitors have been around for 100+ years and will continue to be used in high-end lighters for many years to come.

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Shelter-In-Place and Your Lighter Repairs

With the shelter in place orders in effect here in North Carolina, we want to give you all an update and answer some additional questions that have been coming in day to day.

We are asking that you please hold off on sending your lighter repairs to us at this time. Once the SIP orders have been lifted, we will alert you on our homepage that we are once again accepting new repairs. For those of you who had already sent lighters off to us for repair and paid the invoice in full BEFORE the SIP order took effect, your repairs have either shipped or are being shipped back to you next week (the week of 4/5/20).

Those of you who paid your invoices AFTER the SIP order, those repairs are being held until the order has been lifted and normal business can resume once again. Once this occurs, you can expect a 4-6 week turnaround time for your lighter to ship back to you.

If you are looking to place an order on the website for any of the lighters or accessories that we have for sale, those orders are shipping out day to day with no delays. Please keep in mind that the USPS, UPS and FedEx are all facing delays, so your shipment may take a day or two longer than expected to arrive to your delivery address.