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Lighter Repairs & The Corona Virus

We’ve been flooded with questions over the last week or so regarding the current repairs in progress as well as ongoing repairs for the near future. As far as lighter repairs and the corona virus is concerned–Please see the latest info on the Lighter Repairs Homepage.

As a matter of fact, so long as delivery services like USPS, UPS and FedEx are unaffected, so is the case with our repair service. While we do not work from home, our repair facility is just a few moments away from our team’s residences and we are not a facility that is open to the public.

As of this writing, repairs are still being completed within 2-3 weeks of the date of payment. Estimates are still going out by email (preferred) and mail (for those without email) within 48 hours of arrival at our shop.

For those that have brought up the concern, before all repaired lighters are shipped back to our customers, each lighter is carefully wiped down with alcohol and handled with gloves. Usually, we do this to help prevent fingerprints on the metal or enamel, but the practice became unexpectedly poignant with regard to disinfecting any possible germ transmission. Everyone here on the team is healthy and working with no issues.

Any other concerns about your lighter repair? Just feel free to ask by leaving a comment below or contact us.

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